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How to Successfully Market your Event

If you want your event to stand out from the crowd and position your organization as an authority in your field, your event needs to reflect a high level of professionalism. You need to know how to successfully market your event. Having a recognizable branded identity will help your event attract people in your target market. It also encourages people to share your event with others. Communicating with your audience early and often leading up to the event, will give you a better turnout since your event will be top of mind for your attendees.
Hosting a large conference gives your organization to stand out from your competition and position itself as an authority in your industry. Your prospects want more than a pitch prior to making purchase decisions. Hosting an event allows them an opportunity to interact with you. They are able to see first hand your perspective and dedication, building build “Know, Like and Trust” that will help make a purchase decision or decision to work with you.
An event allows your company to gain exposure with increased opportunities for the creation of content that can be shared on your website, in newsletters and on social media sites.
Just like lead nurturing, successful event promotion will consist of a creating opportunities for a series of touch points including emails, direct mail and social media. The type of event you are hosting will help you determine appropriate promotional activities.

15 Steps to Market Your Event

  1. Create a MailChimp account with separate lists for a) Interested b) registered c) committee/volunteers d) speakers e) sponsors
  2. Create an opt-in form for the website to sign people for updates
  3. Integrate MailChimp lists with Eventbrite
  4. Send email messages about the event to your prospect list
  5. Use ITTT to automate moving people to more than one list
  6. Develop strategy to be active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before, during, and after your event your event
  7. Encourage speakers to write posts & promote event to their lists
  8. Hold free webinars interviewing speakers before registration period
  9. Create a LinkedIn Event Page and write posts to get attention
  10. Promote event site on company website with a banner and posts
  11. Targeted Facebook ads maybe a great way to reach target leads
  12. Have team post personal update to their connections on LinkedIn
  13. Create targeted sponsored updates on LinkedIn
  14. Create event #Hashtag include it and Twitter on all emails
  15. Provide partners with a marketing kit to help them promote the event.