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Just as event planners were starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel for resuming meetings, conferences, and other events, the Omicron variant showed up, along with another round of uncertainty and doubt as to what that might mean for upcoming meeting plans. However, there is good news!

According to a recent survey by Northstar Meetings Group, this new strain of Covid-19 has not had the same impact on event planners and their meetings as the arrival of the Delta variant caused. Both Northstar’s Pulse Survey and surveys by hospitality data-insights company, Knowland, report that scheduled conferences, meetings, and events are going forward as planned and they have not seen a slow down of bookings for 2022.

What has become apparent, out of the experience garnered from the Pandemic, is that conference centers and meeting planners have had an opportunity to think outside the normal in-person event from the past and have a new repertoire of ways to gather that expand what is possible to accomplish in these events, pandemic or no pandemic.

Over the past couple of years, The Loudermilk Center has invested in the latest technology that expands our ability to offer our clients options for how you can create state-of-the-art events for your organization.

In addition to offering live, in-person events we offer virtual and hybrid meeting options.  Companies can host virtual meetings where you live stream your entire program to your participants.  Hybrid events allow the best of both worlds. You can host an in-person meeting, but also stream the presentations from some or all of the conference rooms in real-time to participants who were not able to or chose not to attend in person.

These options are a great opportunity to save on travel expenses for those far away, or to include people that can’t take the time to travel to the event but may be able to attend it from their locations.

Have we tweaked your interest? We’d love to schedule a time to speak to you about what’s possible for your next event at the Loudermilk Center!

Meetings and Events in the Era of Covid-19


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