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Nadia Rahali, General Manager

While I have lived in the United States for most of my life, I may be considered a global citizen. I was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, and moved to the states as a teenager. I enrolled in Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia majoring in Political Science and African American Studies.

My interest in the civil rights movement and history brought me to Atlanta. I landed my dream job as a sales manager at the Loudermilk Center known as the space where Atlanta’s business and civic leaders come together to create the future of Atlanta. I was promoted to the general manager where I continued to expand our mission.

The Loudermilk Center is grounded in hospitality and service, as the foundation for creating safe, inviting, and trustworthy spaces for convening leaders. We are proud to host events for leaders who are out fulfilling on what is possible for our city, our region and the world.


See below for our policies on Covid-19.


Dedicated Production Team

The Loudermilk Center is regarded among the best places in Atlanta to work. Unlike many service industry jobs, The Loudermilk Center offers our employees a livable wage, insurance, benefits, and treat them with respect.  Consequently,  we have a dedicated team. In addition to handling all the logistics of producing events, we do so with care, respect, and dignity for all.  We consider it a privilege to support our clients in the fulfillment of the future they envision for themselves and their organizations.

Outstanding Meetings and Events

The knowledgable, highly creative, and productive individuals on our Production Team,  work together to produce remarkable meetings and events. In addition, you’ll have a personal conference coordinator who will work with you directly to plan and execute an outstanding event.  From pre-planning to post-event evaluation, our team will ensure that your event with catering and audio/visual equipment will be efficient, budget-minded, and productive.

Three months ago, I would never have believed that one, single event could have shut down the entire world. In the early weeks of the Covid-19 outbreak, I thought to myself, “this is just another temporary disruption.” Thankfully, I had the confidence and the knowledge of how to navigate our business and lead our team, while passing through a wide variety of spaces – mostly optimistic.

But as the pandemic was raging and the shutdown extended, I went from denial and optimism to deep sadness and fear. By the beginning of April, I had surrendered to the fact that, as a leader, I wasn’t the only one grappling with leading in a new world now largely characterized by unpredictability and rapid change.

I took on being still, reflective, and making sure that our team was taken care of. To stay connected, our team met every morning and engaged in inquiry: What future do we want to create for ourselves? What new ways of being and acting are we inventing to better serve our customers, our employees, and our community?

During our discovery process, it became clear that our success would be rooted in three, simple principles:

  1. Word Wins. This means that we keep our promises, and, if or when our actions don’t align with our promises, we immediately take new action to make things right.
  2. Responsibility. Regardless of the conditions and circumstances that operate outside of our control, we get to choose how we show up in the world. We give up the right to blame circumstances.
  3. A growth mindset founded on grit and built upon right action. With this foundation, we get to make greater contributions and create a future of our making.

As we come out of isolation and navigate our new normal, our promise is to continue elevating our integrity, responsibility, and our growth mindset by making the right choices.

We’ve taken the past months to build a new standard of operation to ensure that the strongest, safest measures are in place to protect our customers’ and employees’ health and wellbeing. Our plan will also keep us running The Loudermilk Conference Center consistently and with a high level of customer service.

Standing in our commitment to create the safest, healthiest workplace possible, we’ve implemented a four-point protocol, to include:

  1. Active monitoring of our employees’ health along with thorough employee training on the new safety and sanitation guidelines.
  2. Increased frequency of facility cleaning and disinfection; providing employees easy access to sanitation supplies; improving the quality of air circulating throughout our building.
  3. Updating our hospitality, food and beverage, and service delivery standards.
  4. Measuring success ongoingly.

I  would like to express my immense gratitude to our parent companies,  The United Way of Greater Atlanta and Crestline Hotels and Resorts who have shown remarkable acts of generosity to our employees during this time; in so doing, they’ve given us hope, along with the possibility of creating a world and an economy that works for everyone, with no one left out.

We look forward to being with you and serving you to the utmost standard of welcome and service.

With gratitude,
Nadia Rahali,
General Manager
The Loudermilk Conference Center


  • Thank you again for hosting the CARE Education Team meeting this week. We really appreciated the Loudermilk’s hospitality and support, and a number of people in our meeting mentioned to me how great the facilities, food, and staff were! I’m looking forward to continued engagement with the Loudermilk Center in the future!

    Brittany Davis CARE USA
  • I just wanted to thank you both for such a great event the last 2 days! We received many compliments from DBHDD, Dept. of Public Health, attendees and the consultants on all aspects of the event and I wanted to pass along my thanks for making it happen! You and you staff make it easy for UGA and DBHDD to look good! Thanks again and we will be talking to you soon!

    Michael Moryc UGA
  • This year's Conference was by far the most successful we have had to date and we cannot thank you enough for your team's hard work... They really hustled and worked together as a team and were extremely accommodating to all of our needs... We could not have done it without you. I truly have no complaints. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations.

    Matt Weiss A3C

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