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Over the past few years, event production has evolved, with new options for technology that can vastly increase access to event participation, under a variety of circumstances. The Loudermilk Center now provides seamless technology for large live events,  intimate virtual meetings, and creative hybrid events that incorporate both live and virtual components.

Our conference and meeting rooms are set up with the cutting-edge technical collaboration tools needed for high-impact and effective meetings.  All of our meetings include a technical service and support team for the duration of your event.

Types of Events

Loudermilk Live Streaming

When you have a large number of attendees to reach and interactivity is not your main goal, your audio, video and other content can be streamed to your participants. This can happen in real-time, or your event can be pre-recorded and delivered at a time of your choosing.

Online Conference

If your goal is to create an intimate, interactive experience for a small group of off-site attendees, a virtual meeting is the way to go. Remote attendees and presenters will meet on our virtual meeting platform and technical support and event moderation is provided .

Hybrid Event

You can increase the attendance of your live event by offering virtual capability. The audio, video and other content is transmitted from onsite presenters and attendees to the offsite attendees in real-time. All technical services and support are included for the duration of your event.