Amphitheater A and B

The Amphitheater is located on the second floor adjacent to the upstairs lobby. With windows on two sides, the room has ample natural light and overlooks Atlanta’s urban center.  The Amphitheater is a large room which can accommodate up to 100 people.  The room is easily dividable into two spaces.

Amphitheater A has multilevel amphitheater style seating with large tables great for round table discussions and presentations for larger groups.  The room is equipped with our state of the art AV technology.

Amphitheater B can be used to add seating and viewing space to Amphitheater A or it can serve as a stand alone meeting room with the ability to accommodate up to 60 people.


Amphitheater A & B

Amphitheater Lobby

Room Rounds Crescents Theater U-Shape Hollow Square Conference Reception
rounds crescents theater ushape hollowsquare conference reception
Amphitheater A 45
Amphitheater B 40 25 60 25 20 50
Amphitheater Lobby 70

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